Istrian tales - Kaštel Pula

Istrian tales - Kaštel Pula

Istrian tales


  • Istrian tales - Kaštel Pula

    28.08.2019, 21:00

    Kaštel Pula, Pula

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  1. THE REPTILE FROM VALLE A fossile of an ancient creature was found here in Valle, and it was named Valesaurus.
  2. THE DRAGON LINES AND ENERGY CIRCLES We reveal a fascinating network of dragon lines all over Valle that the dancing dragon had left behind him, which are also known as the first traces of civilization in this area.
  3. THE FIRST VALLESI Here comes the First men straight from Romulado’s cave - the Vallian Neanderthalian and his son.
  4. THE FIRST LADIES OF VALLE We meet the First Vallian Neanderthalian ladies while seducing the Vallian Neanderthalians using their ancient charm.
  5. THE FIRST CONSUMMATION The ladies are taking control over men creating the very first, so called Vallesi family and bringing the prehistoric era to an end.
  6. THE HISTRI IN VALLE The first out of many conquerors of this area was the Histri tribe, and You have probably guessed - Istria was named after them.
  7. HISTRIA... PACATA EST The golden age of the histrian piracy and prosperity was interrupted by the arrival of the Roman empire.
  8. HARMONY OF SQUARES AND CIRCLES The Romans had built roads, aqueducts, palaces and after all the hard work they enjoyed the hospitality of the local citizens...well, who would not?
  9. PASSING BY After the fall of the Roman empire the period of great migrations started when various leaders ruled over Istria. And first came Atila, Scourge of God, leader of the Hun tribe. Odoacre, the king of Italy, a dark, dark person from the dark, dark ages. Theodoric the Great a modest but still a great ruler, who inspired Wagner to compose his Ring of Nibelung cycle. Justinian the Great and his wife Theodora sought to revive the great Roman Empire... A pretty controversial but unforgettable couple of our history... Carl the Great, Carlus Magnus, Pater Europae, who united Europe. The Patriarchate of Aquileia - or simply a story about the dark middle age and even darker patriarchs who chased after their own pleasures and treasures. La Sereissima 1 - The epic battle between the Patriarch of Aquileia and the Doge of Venice ended with truce. During that period the Slavic tribes arrived in Istria. Meet Friar Julian the saint protector of Valle.
  10. LA SERENISSIMA 2. The dark ages have been erased by games, mascerades and Commedia dell' Arte, with the return of Venice.
  11. INTERMEZZO FRANCAIS Valle’s husbands, fathers and sons are taken into fight for „Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood“ followed by the sounds of „La Marseillaise“
  12. GROSSE WEINER AUKTION The Great leaders of Europe decided to share European Continent among themselves, and Austria ended up with Istria and Valle.
  13. CHEERFUL APOCALYPSE The age of golden „schlamperei“, waltz and operette under the Austrian rulers was indeed the time of joy and prosperity.
  14. DANCE until YOU DROP Within the short 20th century, as some like to call it, the new leaders emerged and left their traces in the history of these peaceful parts shown through different dances and marches. Come and enjoy this beautiful nature, fresh air, sea and hospitality... Dance with us and share the joy, because we are here to spread the happiness.


28.08.2019, 21:00

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