Renesansni vrt - Ljetnikovac Bunić-Kaboga

Renesansni vrt - Ljetnikovac Bunić-Kaboga

The Renaissance Garden project



The Renaissance Garden project, based on the contemporary interpretation of cultural heritage,  will be performed as a multimedia concert with the guidance through the villa. This authoring project is concived and performed by The Rest is Music organisation in cooperation with Dubrovačka baština d.o.o.  and supported by Caboga Stiftung Foundation and City of Dubrovnik.

 Motivation for the creation of artistic content inside spaces of summer villas of Dubrovnik countryside resulted from the necessity for their “spiritual“ revival opposing the material devastation, as well as from bringing the attention of the public to this specific urban space. Renaissance Garden project derives from the mythical and every performance of this project is an artistic intervention of reviving the space where once a rich cultural and social life was held, thus making the summer villas even today a gathering place for the local population and their visitors from abroad.

The author of the  concept is Ivana Jelača, pianist and art director of the RIM association, who will perform with the soprano Marija Lešaja and the flutist Ines Ivanjek in the chamber ensemble. Marojica Bijelić, a longtime associate of the  RIM organization will make a short tour through the villa as the host of the event. The author of documentary and visual materials is Iva Dedo, photos are by Katarina Karakaš Spiroski, and the costumes of the fairies were especially designed by Duška Nešić Dražić.

Preformances in Villa Bunic-Kaboga: June 27th /July 8th /July 24th /September 2nd at 9 pm

with organized transport to the villa and back for the audience. The bus leaves half an hour before the performance  from the Pile gate station, with stop in the Vukovarska street bus station. Ticket price 120,00 kn


27.06.2019 - 02.09.2019, 21:00

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Ljetnikovac Bunić Kaboga

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Pred Dvorom 1


VAT number: 65873161238

Ljetnikovac Bunić Kaboga

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