Sea Star Festival - VIP GOLD festival ticket

Sea Star Festival - VIP GOLD festival ticket

Early bird


  • Sea Star Festival - VIP GOLD festival ticket

    22.05.2020, 15:00

    Stella Maris, Umag


VIP GOLD ticket customers have access to:

  • VIP Gold zone - Main Stage
  • VIP Gold zone - Stadium stage
  • *Ova ulaznica garantuje posebno zamjensko mesto, poseban ulaz i pristup zoni VIP Main Stage. Uskoro više informacija o mogućnosti rezervacije stolova i drugim VIP pogodnostima

Tickets are valid for Ex Yu nationals only, which will be essential to prove by presenting a personal document when exchanging a ticket for a bracelet. The ticket must be printed on paper, e-tickets that are not printed are not valid.

Tickets are also valid on Day 0 (23.5.) and Day 4 (26.5.)

You will exchange your ticket for a bracelet at the Sea Star Festival substitute locations. The bracelet allows you to enter the Sea Star Festival once every festival day. All exchange information will be available no later than 7 days before the start of the festival at official festival web site. Damaged bracelet is invalid.

Stella Maris

Jadranska 66, Umag

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